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My latest novel, The Keening, was released in December 2015. It introduces the MacLean family on the Isle of Mull in western Scotland, and follows their route to survival amid the turbulent 1820s. It is available from Amazon as well as in local bookshops around Portland, OR (see bottom of the page for links to some great indie bookstores!).

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My second novel, Dulci’s Legacy, is a YA supernatural mystery set in Nova Scotia.

dulci's legacy book cover
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dulci's legacy book cover
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My first novel, Memory’s Hostage is a historical mystery that starts with a bang: a young woman wakes up with no memory–in a stranger’s bathtub.

In Paperback!
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My books are available from the Multnomah County Library as well as at the fine Oregon bookstores listed below.

Another Read Through

Backstory Books & Yarn

Scottish Country Shop

Vintage Books

Wallace Books

Daedalus Books

Dudley’s Bookshop Cafe

Lady Di’s British Shop & Tearoom

Bob’s Beach Books

Canyon Way Restaurant & Bookstore

Cloud & Leaf Bookstore

Beach Books


Books in Progress

The Grasping Root (Remnants #2) a working title

-expected publication August 2017


Short Fiction Out Now

The ReturnOpen Road Review


Interested in carrying my book in your store?


I would love that!

Drop me a line and let me know of your interest:

margaret [at] taste-life-twice [dot] com


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