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However you’ve landed here on Taste Life Twice, welcome.

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This site covers a very wide range of topics, since it has grown along with me on my journey over the course of the last 5 years, so let me lay it out for ya:


I love food, and have experimented with a lot of different cookbooks, recipes, and random combinations. Here are some posts about what I’ve cooked:

And some places where I’ve dined:


I love travel, and have been lucky enough to have many wonderful experiences around the world. Traveling among different cultures is a good way to learn about yourself, and here are some posts where I reflect on those lessons:


I love writing! I am not only a blogger, but a novelist, and my first novel has just been published (August 16, 2013) on Amazon. SUPER AMAZEBALLS, right?

I don’t write much about writing (SO META), but I have blogged about productivity and living your real, true life, which is what Writing is to me. Here are some of those posts:

I hope that helps sort you out, if you were feeling confused or overwhelmed with the jumble of things on offer here. Just remember:

Try it; you’ll like it!

Please, please PLEASE reach out for a chat if you have questions or are interested in anything on this site. Thanks for stopping by.


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One Response to Start Here, Newbies

  1. Don’t slip on any of the brown stuff around your feet.

    I bought your book for my kindle. Next time I go out I will…

    Congratulations, SP.

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