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New Business for the Court

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to me, that is.

I took a break from curating Taste Life Twice last December to finish drafting my third novel.

And I’ve done a lot of deep thinking since then. I took an honest look at the new direction I’ve taken since coming to Portland and finally, FINALLY, I’m able to say it: I’m letting go of this TLT endeavor (the cooking classes were the first to be sacrificed) to embrace a more focused platform.

Instead of trying to explain to people how my passions for food, literature, and travel describe a person on fire for life, I’m opening up a different sort of shopfront.

New Item of Business:


Kinda obvious, yes? That’s good.

I’m a writer now, and having given that idea a little time, I discovered it needed a lot more time. Hence, a writer’s website.

I hope you join me to continue the adventure there.

Lord Byron emptying the mind writing will be my space for all things writerly.

It will feature a lot of fun facts I learn along the way about the writing craft and about the particular settings for different novels, as well as inspiration and quotes from writers past. It’s just getting started now, but should fill out in the coming weeks, for an official launch at the end of May.

One of the fun tweaks I’ve started is a series of posts called ‘Titbits’ which spotlights the most fascinating or quirkiest random facts that I unearth in the research process. Being fellow curious, literary-minded nerds, I bet you’ll enjoy them too.

I’ll still be keeping TLT open, but posting more like once a month instead of the 1-2 times a week I was doing at my peak last year. That will allow me to focus on, where I can build my base of book fans and get ‘stuck in’ to the writing path more deeply.

As the feedback trickles in for the draft of my second novel, I’ll be excited to share my new heroine with you over the summer!  All the best, Margaret


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Don’t Miss Out on our Fall Kindle Sale!

Today is the day!

Memory's Hostage EB (300dpi 2700x1800)

The Kindle version of Memory’s Hostage, my first novel, is free to download from Amazon for a limited time, starting today. One reader called it:

Sherlock Holmes meets Jane Austen

…while another praised it as:

well-written and well-researched

This is your chance to get it free!

Book List subscribers got an early bird notification about the sale. If you’d like to be one of the pack, sign up here, since I’ll likely be having one more sale event before the end of the year.

Wait, you’re new here? You want to know what the book’s about? Here ya go:

In the England of 1883, the MacFarlane family has earned a reputation for being titans of the rail, coal, and textile industries. Elder brother Henry toes the line in all respects but younger brother Horace has allowed a shadow to fall on their spotless record with his dalliances with the ladies.

However, young Horace’s escapades are shoved into the background when a much larger scandal lands on the MacFarlanes’ doorstep, or in this case, their bathtub.

When a young woman is found with not a stitch of clothing nor a shred of memory in their house, the MacFarlanes must keep it secret while scouring their history and hers for any clues to why she was placed there.

With nothing to tell the police, the young woman is consigned to a private recovery until the mystery of her identity can be unraveled. Unfortunately, the police investigating her case run into multiple threads of blackmail, a secret agent of Her Majesty’s Government, and an anarchist plot, all while trying to pierce the mystery. Can she trust the policeman on her case, Detective Barton? Or his superior officer, Sergeant Ragby? What about the MacFarlanes themselves, who seem to have something to hide…

Surrounded by people who may or may not be allies, she must find someone she can trust. Ultimately, she will have to choose whether to reinvent herself and move on or dive back into her past to find out who she is. With so many parties interested in her memory, the question becomes:

What does she know?


That’s the blurb on the back cover.

The inside is even better.

Memory’s Hostage is available in paperback from CreateSpace, and free for download*on the Kindle RIGHT NOW. What are you waiting for?? Please don’t forget to review it on Amazon after you’re done; that helps the author a lot!


*Please note these are affiliate links to When you click through and purchase something from Amazon, I receive a tiny percentage. Thanks for supporting those pursuing their dreams in any way possible! :-)

The Tribe

Today is the third anniversary of a wee website which has allowed me to hitchhike across a few of life’s superhighways and connect with others who have multiple passions like I do.

The site is called Puttylike, and if you’ve been reading for a good while, you’ve heard me mention it a few times.

Puttylike was created to form a community of people who have multiple interests and aren’t afraid to tackle them all. While historically some have scoffed and called this dilletante-ism, it’s such a part of us to explore new and different things that we have claimed it as an asset, forcing a massive rebrand– Multipotentialites, Unite!

I bet there are a lot of people who come to check out Taste Life Twice who may fall into this category. Since we like to experiment with life and reflect on it, after all…

Emilie, the site’s founder, chose the word “Putty-like” to describe us, since we’re easily molded into new shapes and forms. She also uses the more common term of being a “Renaissance person.” She has an e-book that lays out her advice for what to do if you’re one of these types of people who wants to start their own business (of which there are quite a lot). She also has what I have long profited from, and has made me some awesome friends, The Puttytribe.

The Tribe are the people who lead free workshops for other members on their pet topic, discuss best practices of blogging in the forums, organize a meet-up for members with a common interest, and many other things. It’s a magic, respectful place.

The Tribe have been the cause of many different experiences for me:

  • my introduction to dance-walking, via Sarah Goshman
  • my second guest post ever (and first one that went the way it should)
  • my discovery of several awesome blogs, including the Clear-Minded Creative and Change Catalyst
  • the months-long meetup group of bloggers that kept each other accountable and gave advice about different stages of blogging, coding, marketing, and general business– all pretty scary to start on
  • my first tech coach who helped me through the many baby steps of Taste Life Twice’s early days

And I’m sure a whole lot of other amazing opportunities happened that would never have done so if I hadn’t joined Puttylike as it was just getting big.  It’s been a source of reliable networking, support group, and business generation opportunities since I joined, and the people there have helped me wrestle with how to combine loves of food, travel, and writing, all in one place. Ta-da!

All this to say, the third anniversary is today, and Emilie is putting her products up for 50% off, so now’s a good time to try out either the book or the Tribe.

Cheerio for now, let me know if you have questions about Puttiness after poking around Emilie’s site… Also in store, more food posts and what I did while on vacation in September!


Please note this post contains affiliate links. This means if you click through and purchase something, I receive a percentage of the sale for helping spread the word. Thanks for supporting those pursuing their dreams in any way possible! :-)