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Well, hello there.
If this is your first time visiting, you might want to catch up before you continue reading. I fractured both of the arm bones in my right forearm while ice skating in January, which curtailed some of my adventurous living for a few weeks, but now I am back.

The date for the Cast-Off, as I liked to call it, was Valentine’s Day, and it was as good a distraction as any… plus a big positive step in the right direction! Now I’ve got a removable brace and physical therapy exercises, which aren’t too bad at all.

This being my first time with a broken bone, it was pretty cool seeing how the process went. It was painfully obvious that the technician did a dozen of these a week, but it was new to me, and fascinating. So of course I took pictures. Cackhanded.

 First he used this mini-circular saw, powered by what looked like a shop-vac (see top picture) to cut through the fiberglass part. It tickled a bit, and gave off some heat. Me? Worried?

Then he used a pair of surgical tongs to widen the strip, and then surgical scissors to cut through the under-layer of gauze. I had been wondering what kind of super-sensing machine could saw through it all without nicking your skin for 4 weeks, so I was somewhat relieved that there were graduated steps to this process.

 When the cast came off, my skin felt weird. Old. And that makes sense, when you think that skin under a cast doesn’t have a chance to slough off in its natural course, so I needed to exfoliate it. Ick.

What was surprisingly painful was the range of motion. I was kind of assuming that when the cast came off, I would be able to move my arm normally again, if carefully and with caution. Nope. What you see here is as far as my wrist would go backward and forward, on its own. Whoa. They said it would feel ‘stiff,’ but this was nuts! It got much better after 24 hours though, and now I’m chipping away at it with the PT. I’m very grateful it was a clean break and I didn’t need surgery. Whew!
Now I am pretty much back to my old tricks…

Yaki Soba noodles and spice packet, but with pre-chopped vegetable mix from Trader Joe’s (new item, and not something I would buy with two good hands)

Linguine with Smoked Trout, with fennel and onion broth (using up leftovers, frugal foodies can rejoice!)
Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookies

What’s not to love? I was having fun with the microwave reflection in this as well. Because if you can’t have fun with your peppermint chocolate chip cookies, what can you have fun with??

More to come on those action steps from the Tea Klatsch, including social connections, skill cultivation, and balance. Do any of those jump out at you as something you’re working on, or might need to focus on? Leave a comment and join the group!

The World Comes to Me

I am now caught up to November! Let’s see, what happened in November…
Well, a friend of mine had a rockin’ feast of Pakistani delights, which I felt compelled to catalog.
The country’s tastes, and Jessica’s, trend a bit spicier than mine, but knowing that ahead of time was enough to make sure the top of my head didn’t get get blown off. Slow and steady…
Here’s the head chef in the preparatory stages, in front of the stove in her spotless kitchen …
Here’s the special jasmine rice (I think- I’m not very fluent in rice) being mixed in with the tomatoes, herbs, and spices.
Here’s the slightly tweaked version of what I know as palak paneer, with tofu instead of paneer- delicious!
A surprise hit of the night- durian chips!
The Spread- the mind boggles. And so pretty!
And the Spread that found its way onto My Plate: that’s baked salmon in tomato sauce, spiced chickpeas, the rice with vegetables, and the tofu-palak creation. Mmm, it’s enough to prompt a food coma in remembrance! I love times like these, when the food of the world somehow finds its way to me, and gives me a new experience (without the stress of going to Pakistan).
Here’s to as many tasty foodie nights as possible before this gal ships off to the Far East!

Good Chinese

October 28th.
Friends assembled for a fun foodie night out.
In Rockville, MD.
At A&J.

Much to my surprise, not 1 of our group, but 3 of our 4 knew some Chinese (yes, I was the neanderthal here), which made for some hilarity taking turns asking the waitress things….like: how do you say “to go” ?

It was a rockin’ restaurant, with great variety, great flavor, and the decor was… well, the food was awesome.
To the left we have for appetizers Spicy Cucumbers and a dish with soybeans, greens, and bamboo shoots- a table favorite.
Below we have spicy beef soup on the left and congee on the right (‘jook‘ for Koreans, and my first time tasting either). The Spicy Beef was too spicy for me, even with plenty of congee. The congee helped my mouth calm down, but on its own was plain to the point of paper paste. Not my favorite, but I’m sure it’s best when paired with the right fiery dish (for someone who could handle it, that is!)

Sesame noodles, very tasty, being expertly tossed by Sabina.
We also sampled Ground Pork and Noodle, Potstickers (a different, fat-cigar shape), Thousand-Layer Pancake, Scallion Pancake, and copious amounts of fresh green tea, poured by each other as kind friends do. The Thousand-Layer Pancake lived up to its intriguing taste reputation- not sweet but not just grease, either- and stole my heart.
And there was no chance for dessert, we barely rolled ourselves out of there in time for making it to this pool hall/bar on Connecticut Ave for a scant hour before we were spent. Or at least I was!
So many good memories over Good Chinese.