Ahoy, Nohelphere Readers!

Are your interests WIDER than 1 job, 1 position, 1 subject?

Tell me about it.

No, really: tell me about it! I write content at Taste Life Twice on different strategies for managing life:

  • when you’re interested in everything
  • when you’re not sure how to go after what you want
  • when you’re not even sure what you want.

You can get help from your fellow Widers by commenting on the posts with lessons you’ve learned along the way. I’m looking forward to visitors like you building up the community here at Taste Life Twice with conversations such as these, and support for each others’ endeavors, both business and personal.

How else can you find, go after, and share your passions with the community here?

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Again, thanks for stopping by, and feel free to drop me a line. I respond. In print, if you leave your address!

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