My name is Margaret, and this website grew out of my desire to connect with people through the two activities I love most: discovery travel and creating food to share.

What started as a sideline hobby developed into an enriching array of activities, as I started incorporating more complex writing goals and more in-depth levels of those activities: developing articles about travel destinations, and teaching others about the food of specific locales that had enchanted me.

As these pursuits aligned more and more with my identity, I realized that my job was not fulfilling these goals, and that my blog was trying to fill that gap. Hundreds of conversations and dozens of career investigation books later, I am back to make this site a place to help others on similar journeys by offering what I’ve learned, and am still learning, about how to make a living out of your life! Your real, true life, that is.

I hope you join me and others in finding, and following, your bliss.