Holiday Updates

While most Taste Life Twice activity lately has been writing-related, and therefore on my writing site (, there are a number of fun announcements to post here today!

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1) New Book!!! 2014 has been a year of intense editing — learning by doing — on my first NaNoWriMo novel. But it is finally OUT the DOOR: hooray! I invite you to take a look over on Amazon (paperback version forthcoming).

2) This site will be seeing a new series of its own soon, which I’m calling Luminairies. It will highlight interviews with people I’ve met and been inspired by, due to the consistent courage of their life choices.

3) I was approached to write a piece for a new blog, based on the introspective self-help-type articles I’ve posted here.

Sherlock flattered gif I wrote about making a bucket list for your Normal Life. Check it out! It’s on a bingo gaming site that is reaching out to cover some life design topics as well.

To kick off the Luminairies series, I will give away a free copy to a random commenter on the 1st post in the series, between 12-18 and 12-31.

(This will parallel the Goodreads giveaway, so if you want to increase your odds, enter both!)

To close, a happy thought:

rain, tea, and a good book


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