Don’t Miss Out on our Fall Kindle Sale!

Today is the day!

Memory's Hostage EB (300dpi 2700x1800)

The Kindle version of Memory’s Hostage, my first novel, is free to download from Amazon for a limited time, starting today. One reader called it:

Sherlock Holmes meets Jane Austen

…while another praised it as:

well-written and well-researched

This is your chance to get it free!

Book List subscribers got an early bird notification about the sale. If you’d like to be one of the pack, sign up here, since I’ll likely be having one more sale event before the end of the year.

Wait, you’re new here? You want to know what the book’s about? Here ya go:

In the England of 1883, the MacFarlane family has earned a reputation for being titans of the rail, coal, and textile industries. Elder brother Henry toes the line in all respects but younger brother Horace has allowed a shadow to fall on their spotless record with his dalliances with the ladies.

However, young Horace’s escapades are shoved into the background when a much larger scandal lands on the MacFarlanes’ doorstep, or in this case, their bathtub.

When a young woman is found with not a stitch of clothing nor a shred of memory in their house, the MacFarlanes must keep it secret while scouring their history and hers for any clues to why she was placed there.

With nothing to tell the police, the young woman is consigned to a private recovery until the mystery of her identity can be unraveled. Unfortunately, the police investigating her case run into multiple threads of blackmail, a secret agent of Her Majesty’s Government, and an anarchist plot, all while trying to pierce the mystery. Can she trust the policeman on her case, Detective Barton? Or his superior officer, Sergeant Ragby? What about the MacFarlanes themselves, who seem to have something to hide…

Surrounded by people who may or may not be allies, she must find someone she can trust. Ultimately, she will have to choose whether to reinvent herself and move on or dive back into her past to find out who she is. With so many parties interested in her memory, the question becomes:

What does she know?


That’s the blurb on the back cover.

The inside is even better.

Memory’s Hostage is available in paperback from CreateSpace, and free for download*on the Kindle RIGHT NOW. What are you waiting for?? Please don’t forget to review it on Amazon after you’re done; that helps the author a lot!


*Please note these are affiliate links to When you click through and purchase something from Amazon, I receive a tiny percentage. Thanks for supporting those pursuing their dreams in any way possible! :-)

4 Responses to Don’t Miss Out on our Fall Kindle Sale!

  1. Congrats, Margaret! I downloaded Kindle version. Hope you reach your goal!

    • Hey, Alexia- thanks! I did reach it, in fact, I’ve already blown it out of the water! 234 downloads in 36 hours! Now for all those people to read it and recommend it… 😉

  2. Got ‘er done! Probably start reading in in a couple weeks. Looking forward to it. You’ll have to teach me to do the sale thing if I put my book out on Kindle. Congrats and THANKS.

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