Author Goal Reached!

woman reading bookThis blog covers food, travel, and writing topics, as you well know. But you may have thought that all my writing was here on this blog, on life lessons and following your passions. As of yesterday, there’s a new kind of writing in town…

I published a novel! —>

Check it out:

In the England of 1883, the MacFarlane family has earned a reputation for being titans of the rail, coal, and textile industries. Elder brother Henry toes the line in all respects but younger brother Horace has allowed a shadow to fall on their spotless record with his dalliances with the ladies.

However, young Horace’s escapades are shoved into the background when a much larger scandal lands on the MacFarlanes’ doorstep, or in this case, their bathtub.

When a young woman is found with not a stitch of clothing nor a shred of memory in their house, the MacFarlanes must keep it secret while scouring their history and hers for any clues to why she was placed there.

With nothing to tell the police, the young woman is consigned to a private recovery until the mystery of her identity can be unraveled. Unfortunately, the police investigating her case run into multiple threads of blackmail, a secret agent of Her Majesty’s Government, and an anarchist plot, all while trying to pierce the mystery. Can she trust the policeman on her case, Detective Barton? Or his superior officer, Sergeant Ragby? What about the MacFarlanes themselves, who seem to have something to hide…

Surrounded by people who may or may not be allies, she must find someone she can trust. Ultimately, she will have to choose whether to reinvent herself and move on or dive back into her past to find out who she is. With so many parties interested in her memory, the question becomes:

What does she know?


That’s the blurb on the back cover. Memory’s Hostage is available on Amazon,* on CreateSpace, and for the Kindle.* I would be happy to talk with book groups, would be enormously pleased to give interviews, and will host as many literary tea salons as I can–anything to get the word out!


‘What’s next?’ people ask.

More editing and more writing and more travel and more adventure, of course!

I have two more writing projects in the works, and will happily let you know when they pop out as finished products as well, just sign up here for my Book List. Otherwise, see you here next time on Taste Life Twice!


Image via Samantha Hoffman

*Please note these are affiliate links to This means if you click through and purchase something from Amazon, I receive a tiny percentage. Thanks for supporting those pursuing their dreams in any way possible! :-)

5 Responses to Author Goal Reached!

  1. Holy cow, Margaret, congrats!!!

    I will be adding this to my list of 150 books to read this year :)

    On a business note, what went into your decision to price at $5.49? I don’t see this price too often, so I’m curious what your thinking process was.

    • Hey Tony, thanks for commenting! There are so many pricing strategies and pieces of advice out there, it really boiled down to being 1) reasonable to buy 2) relative to the paperback price 3) comparable to other literary and genre fiction titles. Five bucks seemed to be enough for me and not too much for readers, but we’ll see! I can always adjust, and I plan on taking advantage of the Kindle’s promotional sale days! 😉

  2. Oh, and Amazon has some parameters set for its KDP Select books (2.99-9.99), so I was in that range to begin with… hope that helps answer your question.

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