Blank Sheets, Full Glasses

I’ve been struggling for some days now, each day a new blank sheet in front of me.

typewriter blank page

Struggling to find the right thing to say.

To you, the audience of this blog.

Since we’re rounding the corner of the first week of June, there’s also the newsletter hanging over my head. What to showcase, curate, gather up for a fun romp and some well-meaning reminders about living the good life?

And I’m not generating anything.

Instead, what I feel is that things have been dropping into my life and finding their rightful places inside me, settling in. The new city, the new job, the research into Amazon’s CreateSpace program, the burgeoning of new stories taking shape…

It’s like the good things are finally absorbing into my being, instead of being poured right back out because I was too full of the bad things: dissatisfaction, resentment, impatience.

This is a good thing. But it does leave me without any inspirational light-bulb topics to provide for you here.

glass full to the brim

Besides the part that I play in this, there’s also the part YOU play in this– that is, what do you like to read about or see showcased here? I put together a Google survey (a short one!), so that I can hear from you readers what you like best.

It’s been 12 months since I started the newsletters and really shined up Taste Life Twice for a wider audience, so I’d like to take stock and see what’s working!

Then I can see better the way forward for my little corner of the Interwebs.

Thanks for your help on the survey, ladies and gents, and your steadfast support long before this. :-)


Images via The Guardian and Flickr

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