Tax Day Antidote!

Uplifting Antidotes to Tax Day

Suspected dogwood- blaze of pink

Whether you stressed out all night Sunday following twisting bureaucratic rules, had to wait in line for 40 minutes at the post office, or had to face up to a whopping tax payment, yesterday might have been a downer.

Thurman St Bridge over Forest Park

So here are a few photos from my walk yesterday that lifted me out of my Tax Day slump. The bridge above was my first chance encounter with Forest Park, the country’s “largest wooded urban park.”

Clever License Plate: Why Ever Not?

The license plate on the car above gave me a whimsical giggle.

Tulips and Daffodils on a Lawn

And these flowers topped it all off! I was so happy to see them planted right on the lawn, drinking up the sunshine.

I hope you enjoyed Tax Day as much as I did. And for you non-Americans, just enjoy the pretty pictures.

Carpe Spring!

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