Quick Update from the Fog…

…the fog of settling in, that is. Portland is more overcast than foggy.

Portland brand of Weird
Today is the One Week Anniversary of my arrival in Portland.

And I have been able to do pretty much nothing, so far.

I swirled into town with an exploding head cold, which was quickly tamed, but not before I had to get my car legalized in the city: score = 2 days running around .

As soon as I felt good enough to go out and explore the city, my dad arrived and needed a guide and chauffeur around the city while he bought a car: score = 2 days running around.

So I have succeeded in being at the DMV 4 days in a row– do I get some sort of medal for that?

Thankfully I had expectations set low, especially since I had the very recent reminder of how little you can do on your own when you’re in a new place and don’t speak the language. At least they speak English in Portland!

I know I’ll be back in the city this Sunday morning, when 35,000 people will be crowded in for the Shamrock Run. But after that, the ‘schedule’ state-of-mind will hopefully kick in, and the novel editing process will no longer be side-lined.

Does anyone have something they’ve been putting off for no good reason? Now may be just the time to get back on that horse and ride it into the sunset

horse rider and sunset

Did anyone manage to celebrate yesterday, Pi Day (3.14), in style? I managed to get a piece of pie at the restaurant where I had dinner, and it was all I could ask for. Until next year, Pie/Pi Day!

Next up: Seoul and Beijing highlightsI promise!

Photos via Youdopia and Boston.com

4 Responses to Quick Update from the Fog…

  1. Hey! How is week two going? I am not sure I am putting off decisions but sometimes things should also be allowed to grow on you a bit. And you feel when it’s time. And then you go for it. I think … I am not thinking as much anymore these days, ok not completely true but I do try to go more with the flow. We decided yesterday to start the pilot for the girls running project on June 1st. Although I was ready to take a decision on it 2 months ago, my team mate was not. But she was oh so ready for it now. So … sometimes you need to wait. Anyhow, now that we now it is going to be June 1st, suddenly other decisions become more obvious too … like, really not investing too much in other projects or maybe not at all. FOCUS! Ok, enough rambling. Off to some meeting where I need to tell people about THAT decision :-) Enjoy seeing what coming your way while you are exploring and of course editing … Good luck on that one!! Hugs, Rose

  2. If Portland were 10 -15 degrees warmer year round, I’d live there. That city seems to have it going on. Live in NY for 27 years and I have had it with temps below 50. But glad to see you having fun, Margaret!!

  3. Woohoo, Margaret! For some reason, I haven’t been getting your posts in my Inbox. I am going to try to subscribe. Since I am very challenged in this area, please know that I am going to try and try again until I succeed. I don’t want to miss out on living vicariously through you in Portland. 😉

    • Yeah, I decided to simplify it with the RSS… the only subscription I have is the newsletter. This was decided a while ago. Think I should allow subscription to posts, now that all those people are being kicked off of Google Reader? How do you subscribe to all the blogs you follow, anyway??? You do such a good job of tracking and commenting!

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