When in Doubt, Part 5: Bake for the Office

Part 5 of the “When In Doubt, Do Everything At Once” series on Taste Life Twice. See Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

This series of “When In Doubt” posts will deal specifically with how to get happy when you feel like you’re drowning in more questions than answers. I have frequently been in dips like this, as you can see from many of my posts. Sometimes I work out a problem on the blog here with you, but often it is expressed in activity in another sphere. Here is where I’m showcasing those other activities, and how I deal with uncertainty every day.

cupcakes in the office


Baking is one of the activities that used to show up here more often, but hasn’t features prominently of late, because I’ve been focusing on life hacks and confronting challenges. Baking. How does baking fit in with self-improvement, going after your dreams, pursuing your passion, etc? you ask. Ah.

Well, it has a lot to do with the subjects of two recent posts: my most recent guest post on being alone, and one here about just trying something. I am a definite lover of sweets and baked goods, but a few years ago when graduate school ended, with its free-cookie-mentality, I was on my own for meaningful food experiences, something which I had taken for granted.

That is when I started cooking. And baking. It was convenient that I then found a job with an office where people appreciated baked things, because it became a ready experimental forum for my creations: a captive audience! There were plenty of things in my life at that point that were uncertain, annoying, boring, BUT I did have time, and I did have a kitchen, and I used that time and that kitchen to learn how to make stuff, and to share it. Hmm…

Treading Water

So I guess what I’m offering here is the thought that even if you don’t yet have a clue which direction you want your life to head, there’s always something you can do to tread water and keep your mind in training for its next mission.

Cooking and baking led me to food blogs, and some great restaurants, and the world of DC farmersmarkets. Food blogs led me to happiness blogs, which led me to self-improvement, productivity, and other fascinating themes. And now I’m headed out into that great blue yonder myself, chasing after the dream of running my own business, doing things I love! So you see how things start.

start small, but start

In what ways are you treading water? What activities have you started in the past that led to surprising results?

And in case you want to see what I have been baking lately, check out these crispy oatmeal laceys or this cranberry gingerbread (more like a red wine than a sweet treat!). Have fun baking for the holidays, and merry Christmas!

Photos via CookingChannelTV and MarketingDeviant

4 Responses to When in Doubt, Part 5: Bake for the Office

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  2. Margaret! I like this post very much! Just start doing something that feels right and interesting and see what comes of it! I think you should really start knitting this time :-)

  3. Treading water or just on the look out for the next spark…I’m not sure which I’d call it. But the past 9 months have been an awesome adventure – all of which has prepped me to make the goals I made for 2013. Goals that seemed impossible back in 2010. And even 2013 will be just another stepping stone of treading water. But I’m getting closer.

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