Sister Blog in Spirit

Hey all! No one has hazarded on how many posts there will be in the When In Doubt series, sooo… no prize to send out. BUT!

I do have a different sort of prize for any who are waiting to hear more about a personal experience that has helped to make me the go-getter I am today (in progress, of course!). Drumroll, please…

I will have a GUEST POST over on Everyday An Adventure, a very-funny-while-being-deeply-honest blog written by Sarah, a friend from the Puttytribe. She focuses on how to pull adventure into our everyday lives, thereby propelling ourselves forward into the kind of life that we want to live. Sounds good to me! As you may have noticed, we like adventure here at Taste Life Twice, which is why I’ve anointed Everyday An Adventure a “Sister Blog in Spirit.” Hooray for finding your tribe!

I will be telling stories about my road trip to Nova Scotia, so if you’ve been waiting with baited breath to hear about that, here’s the debut!

Thanks for reading, and see you back here on Sunday

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