A Message from Future Margaret

Hey. Storm in Barstow Desert

I was thinking about where I was- mentally, physically, emotionally- 5 or 6 years ago today, and shaking at my head at the picture of myself. I remember being tossed about my so many ideas, unable to focus, afraid of the changes to come, even if I was going to be directing them myself… it was like the Wild, Wild West back then!

And I wanted to share with you guys, who’ve been following this awesome site for years now, that that is how I felt once upon a time. I felt stuck. I felt incomplete. I felt unsure. And I’m pretty sure everyone feels that way from time to time.

But the first time it happens, boy does it feel like SH%*. It’s like waking up in The Matrix and realizing you’re in a different world, where you’ve got to navigate according to different precepts, and learn as you go, which totally goes against what you absolutely knew to be true before: that you must learn before you act.

But once you conquer that first wave, the rest of the ocean is yours. That’s what I want to tell you. Sure, I was stuck back then, and I’ve become stuck now and again, but I’ve also lived in exciting new cities, made charming, daring friends, and found new love. Living in indiepreneur-HQ Portland, hiking the Great Glen Way, dancing with Haitians, helping prepare a Hawaiian luau- I’ve done them all, and you need to gather your experiences while ye may, too! You get better as you practice; that’s one thing that hasn’t changed.

So if you’re discouraged at this waking-up process, remember this: it’s not the color of the pill you need to worry about, but the thoughts that lead you to the discovery. C-R-I-T-I-C-A-LΒ Β  T-H-I-N-K-I-N-G. Keep it up. And you might want to tell that Margaret of 5 or 6 years ago to do the same.


Image by Stickup Artist

7 Responses to A Message from Future Margaret

  1. Let’s keep on having more adventures while we keep on navigating! Yes!!

  2. You’re absolutely right. Beautiful message!

  3. Nice and wise message! Thanks Future Margaret for sharing it!

  4. Yay! Thanks, guys :)

  5. Cool. I was so tired of trying to decide between the red pill and the blue pill. I’ll take the green one! πŸ˜€ Perfect timing with this post. I was feeling a little stuckness coming on. Maybe I can avert it before it grabs hold.

  6. Hello Margaret,
    It’s Wendy from A Wee Bit of Cooking here. I’ve no plans to sell prints at the moments but I love the idea of you giving the bluetit picture to your mother for Christmas. Bluetits were my mum’s favourite bird too. I tried to send you an email last night with the picture as an attachment but it keeps being returned to me. If you email me directly, I’ll try again.
    Lovely uplifting post, by the way. Made me feel strong.

  7. “It’s not the color of the pill you need to worry about, but the thoughts that lead you to the discovery.” – Love that phrase, Margaret! And the lessons we can learn from future-you and yesteryou alike! πŸ˜‰

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