Food, Glorying in Food

This blog is about trying new things, right? And while we may say No to certain things because we have all we can deal with at the moment, we want to make sure to say Yes when it is only fear holding us back. Case in point:

Fancy Foods Show, DCI got an email from a friend-of-a-friend-of-a… you get the point. The note was hoping for some cheap labor to help staff the booth of a vendor at the Fancy Food Show at the Washington DC Convention Center (2 blocks from my door). It would be near me, it would be about food, and I could do the weekend shifts: I gave an enthusiastic YAWP– I mean, YES, and excitedly arrived at the show on a  Saturday morning in June.

I was at a wholesalers’ booth where they featured other companies, and so got to meet several vendors even as I was working, shoving ‘all-natural’ mini-bottles of energy in front of people’s noses. I worked on my sales pitch, I tried some networking (#fail), and I learned a good deal about product marketing, candy manufacture in Denmark, and two types of chai from their producers, one stationed on either side of me.

PLUS, I got to spend a few breaks and an extra hour after my shift trotting around the show, sampling, asking questions of artisan producers- I mean, heaven, right? Well, not exactly. America is after all the land of manufactured demand… but there were also international booths as well. It was a feast for the explorative soul as well as the hungry mouth. The few that made a real, positive impression I pass on to you here. I wish I was an affiliate for these folks! :-)

Mackie’s of Scotland

Oy, you knew there’d be a Scottish company here when I said international vendors, didn’t you? Well, after not deigning to try the Haggis potato crisps when I was in the Culloden museum cafeteria, I did try them here. They were fantastic.

Wheeler Sugarworks, Inc.

I had an extensive conversation with the proprietors of “Jed’s Maple” and they were a delightful family operation from an area of Vermont near where I visited on my road trip last year. They exuded local knowledge and craftsman’s pride, and I would love to visit their farm if I get a chance to drive up there this fall.

Big Picture Farm

What an interesting idea- goat milk caramels! The caramels themselves were something special, but the intensity of care this outfit shows for their goats (all their names were listed on the table card) was evident too.


This local ice cream outfit not only specializes in outrageous flavor combinations, but keeps its ingredients as whole and natural as possible, inevitably leading to a very high-fat product. Don’t be deterred. Personally, I’ve thought of organizing a group to tour the facility in Silver Spring to see how they do it- wouldn’t that be awesome??? Shoot me an email if you’re interested…

and of course let us know what YOU’ve been able to say YES to lately, too!

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  1. I love your final question. Focus on what you’re saying yes to…

    I have to admit, at first I couldn’t think of anything. To maintain focus, I’m saying “NO” to a lot of stuff. And now I realize, it’s getting me down, because I feel like I’m depriving myself.

    But I’m not. As soon as I redirect my thinking to what I’m saying “YES” to, I remember I have a mission. I have a goal. I’m determined to achieve it. I realize my current no’s are temporary until the goal is reached – they’re not forever no’s.

    And, wow. I feel so much lighter and happier with my choices. I’m not depriving myself; I’m choosing freedom.

    • YES, YES, YES! Another way of keeping your eye on the prize, right? I’ve got a good one drafted for next time that does exactly that… :)

  2. OK, Margaret, today was an awesome day! Of course, partly because of you! It started off with me knowing as of last night that I might soon have to find another place to live too. Besides the finding a job part, it scares the hell out of me that everything comes at once! But, this morning, I started off with cleaning out all my papers, throwing away dead plants (seriously, it was about time) and after that, I felt already much more in control (moving out will not take too much effort). From that moment onwards, everything today was positive. I am not deterred at all! Change, YES! Here I am!

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