Weekday Pause for Pace

While “Pace Management” may not sound exciting or life-changing, I think it’s important to consider. Here’s an example, and an exercise.

Here is a video. (You’ll have to turn your head sideways- sorry)

How does it make you feel? Take a second and think of a few adjectives.

Ok, ready? Here’s my answer key:

If you answered impatient, annoyed, anxious, you need to take a deep breath and slow down. Check your blood pressure.

If you answered perplexed, awkward, dismissive, you should probably take a nature walk in your own neighborhood and observe the life around you and its different motions.

If you answered entranced spellbound, becalmed, content, you have achieved the amazing level of zen that makes equanimity possibly while surfing the internet. Congratulations! Can I take a class from you?

Ok, ok, joking aside, this was an exercise to check in with your mind and its pace. In my last post I talked about a resort town in Sicily, and how staying there helped me to accept the relaxed pace of life they have going on a little better than I could before (I’m still no Italian!).

I took this video a couple years ago on the street where I still live in D.C. Every once in a while I think about it, and it seems to bring peace. Do you have a similar touchstone for feeling calm and collected?

4 Responses to Weekday Pause for Pace

  1. My three descriptions were:
    Breath of fresh air
    Ooh! I’m Zen-like right now? That makes me feel warm and fuzzy. And I’m at work, no less, too. I must not be doing my job today if I’m still Zen-like. lol
    I love sitting outside or hiking and experiencing the breeze on my face while watching it rustle nature. I love to cloud gaze and take in all the shades, colors and shapes. I love walking along musical streams and waterfalls and getting lost in the sound. I love sitting and listening to rain and rumbling thunder. I love breathing in earthy aromas. ahhhhhhhhhhh

  2. Today … absolute Zen! It’s hard work … and then, maybe it is not. Sometimes, you just have to go with the flow. Great post!

  3. You know what it made me think of? Civil War-era hoop skirts being flipped and revealing the pantaloons underneath… definitely makes me smile inside!

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